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Hello, world!

Finally, I pulled myself together and created a blog. This was my goal for quite some time.

The blog will primarily be a reference for the future me, so I have the awesome things I find across the web in one place. If anyone happens to find it and make use of information gathered on it, I’ll be very happy. So dear traveller, please leave a comment if you find the content interesting 🙂

Few words about me – I’m a software developer living in Gliwice, Poland. For the past five years I’ve been working for Future Processing – a great software company in Gliwice. Occasionally I also do some freelance works.

As for my skills, I specialize in the web. I’m a developer with a bit of designer soul. I love awesome user interfaces created with HTML and CSS spiced up with Javascript. I also do Javascript on the server (node.js), but deep inside I’m a .NET guy. For more info and some links, check out the About me page.

On this blog (eventually) you may find a bit of everything I mentioned above. And who knows what else… Stay tuned for more 🙂

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  1. Maciek says:


    1. Maciek says:

      Sad that I cannot edit my previous comment. Also, seems like you could patch up the yellow screen of .NET death I met under the adjacent elements shadow’s post.

      Beside that, good luck and have fun blogging 🙂

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