October conferences

Conference season is coming! In the near future a lot will be happening:

As a warm-up, I’m going to go to DevDay tomorrow (just attending). I haven’t been there yet but I heard only positive opinions so I’m very excited to go.

Then I’ll speak at three events within three weeks. First, there’s Future Dev Day – an internal conference for Future Processing company. It’ll be held on October 2nd in Gliwice.

Next, two bigger events – first .NET Developer Days in Warsaw (19-20 October). Many thanks to all of you that voted for my session. I’ll be there among Scott Hanselman, Scott Hunter, Tomasz Kopacz and many more awesome speakers!

Few days after that (on October 24th) I’ll have a chance to visit Gdańsk and speak at GET.NET with a strong lineup as well.

During these three events I’ll talk about Docker and how a .NET developer can take advantage of it. I’ll post all slides online after the events.

I started speaking on conferences less than a year ago – my first public event was IT Academic Day in Bielsko-Biała. Looks like this escalated quickly during the last 10 months ;). I’m looking forward to see what else future will bring.


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Michał Dudak